Frequently Asked Questions


Is there limitation to the quantity of parcels ?

We provides and treat all customers on the same single standard even if they send only 1 single piece.

Does SME have insurance coverage ??

We has maximum credit line Baht 2,000.- (Two Thousand Baht Only).

How do I follow up on the status of my parcels ??

There is a reference code or Tracking no. accompanying all parcels and customers will be check the status of their goods through

When will my parcels reach its destination ??

Type of service provided by SME is a Next Day delivery

What is the calculation method of the parcels ?

Fairly simple method. Width + Length + Height = the size of the parcel

How much is the service fees ??

Our service fees starts from Baht 35.- (Thirty Five Baht Only)

What kinds of items does Smooth Express provide ?

All kinds of documents and parcels packaged according to the given sizes.

How can I make a claim to SME in the event that my parcel does not reach its destination or confront a damage ?

Should you realize that your parcel does not reach its destination safe and sound or has a problem, you can contact Call center at Tel : 02-000-5555

Smooth Express has all the rights to deny picking up and deliver any documents and /or parcels and totally deny all responsibilities that may incur the following discrepancies

1. Items that are fragile or improper/untidy packaging.

2. Items with sharp edges or unwrapped/unsecured protection.

3. Dangerous, flammable items such as powerful/non-powerful explosives.

4. Items that contain poisonous / dirt which can be harmful to company staffs.

5. Live items.

6. Pornography items.

7. All kinds of drugs.

8. All copyright items.

9. Bank notes.

10. Distortion of size and quantity of parcels against the reality that inform to the company

****In such case, SME will not be held liable to any consequences whatsoever and will consider to refuse the acceptance of parcels at customer’s pick up location. Customers can apply for a refund of 30% of service fees of that particular transaction only (all refunds will be made within 7 working days). **Items that has special delivery conditions will be handled under special conditions such as commemorative coins, tokens, government bonds, payment instruction documents, Platinum, White Gold, High valuation rocks, Jewelry**

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